30th Friday 2023
12:00h – 20:00hDelivery of numbers
19:00hPresentation Garmin Epic Trail 2023


1th Saturday 2023
06:00h – 06:30hDelivery of 42K numbers
06:00h – 06:45hDelivery of 62K numbers
07:00hGarmin Epic Trail 62K start
07:15hStart Garmin Epic Trail 42K (Women)
07:30hStart Garmin Epic Trail 42K (Men)
09:00h – 19:00hDelivery of numbers (12K and 24K)
12:00hArrival of the first classified 42K
13:00hArrival of the first classified 61K
13:30h42K Awards Ceremony
15:30h62K Awards Ceremony
18:00hClosing of the 42K race
21:30hClosing of the 62K race


2th Sunday 2023
06:30h – 07:30hDelivery of 24K numbers
07:00h – 08:00hDelivery of 12K numbers
08:00hGarmin Epic Trail 24K start
08:30hGarmin Epic Trail 12K start
09:30hArrival of the first classified 12K
10:30hArrival of the first classified 21K
11:00hAwards Ceremony 12K
11:00hAwards Ceremony 24K
13:30hClosing of the 12K race
15:00hClosing of the 24K race