The organization of the BUFF® Mountain Festival Vall de Boí, which should be held from July 9 to 12, being the SkyRunning World Championships, has decided due to the current Covid-19 threat to:


  1. Postpone the BUFF® Mountain Festival Vall de Boí 2020, to be held from September 4 to 6, 2020 with the intention to keep the scheduled sporting events of: 42km, 26km and 12km and the Scott Marathon BTT, but not the Vertical Kilometer and the Ultra. Complementary family activities will also take place (Nordic walking, ioga, children’s campus …)


  1. Postpone to July 2021 the SkyRunning World Championships, which should have been held in the scenario of BUFF® Mountain Festival. In this way, the titles of World Champion will take place next summer, in the same format that was planned for this 2020: Ultra, Marathon and KmVertical, Combined and Teams. This decision has been agreed with the International SkyRunning Federation (ISF) and with the Federación Española de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada (FEDME), to work for the 2021 World Championships.



From the Vall de Boí City Council we emphasize with the situation we are experiencing at the moment worldwide, and it is not oblivious to Vall de Boí. Although we have had few cases, we are very aware of the importance of maintaining security measures and, therefore, not organizing massive events that may cause some type of danger to the health of the participants and the residents of the valley.


For this reason, in coordination with the organizers, we have considered it appropriate to postpone the BUFF® Mountain Festival.


The economic impact of the current situation is reasonably serious, since all the measures taken for this unusual situation are added to the already strict measures applied to tourist establishments in general and, specifically, in all services of the valley. Even so, we believe that health prevails over the economy and for this reason we are committed to postponing it for the time being, and if the situation allows it, it can be held later with all the security guarantees, both for the participants and for the residents of the Vall de Boí.


From Original Buff SA we want to ensure the health of all sport and Buff® Mountain Festival lovers and, although it has been a complicated decision due to the enthusiasm and effort that all the organizers have put into its preparation, currently holding such an international event as a World Championship it cannot be carried out guaranteeing all the sanitary measures and recommendations.


Sergi Muñoz, Sports Marketing Coordinator at Original Buff S.A adds: “Our intention is to keep optimism and enthusiasm alive in the face of the current situation without jeopardizing the health of all the people involved in the project.”


Albert Balcells director of the event commented to us: “For us it is a very complicated decision. Everything behind an event is enormous: the illusions set are immense for everyone; Participants, organizers, the people of the Vall de Boí… With the possibility of this postponement, we want to shed some hopeful light to what will be one of the hardest years in recent history. A lot of encouragement to everyone, and especially to those of you who are still struggling to live the experience of running in the Vall de Boí. See you soon”


We believe that the postponed celebration of the BUFF® Mountain Festival continues to be a good opportunity to bet on sports, local tourism and to get to know one of the most impressive places in nature: La Vall de Boí. With the maximum guarantees by reducing the capacity and taking all the appropriate security measures. And always with the approval and authorizations of the relevant administrations.


Sports events schedules:

Saturday, September 5: BUFF® Epic Trail 42 km and BUFF® Epic Trail 12 km
Sunday, September 6: BUFF® Epic Trail 26 Km and Scott Marathon Cup BTT


All participants will be informed via email of the steps they must follow from now on, for the return of registration, reservation for next year or participation for the new date September 4-6 2020.


Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you from September 4 to 6 in the Vall de Boí.


Registrations [email protected]


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