Two-seat pragliding


Discover the Vall de Boí from the air by taking a two-seater paragliding flight.
Observe the landscapes of the La Garmin Epic Trail from a bird’s eye view with Enric, a pilot from the Vall de Boí, born and living in the village of Durro, who has been flying over these villages for many years. and mountains.
“Goal” located in Barruera, in the middle of the Festival, where your friends and companions will see you fly and land right there.

10 ‘in the air. A direct descent from the Ball Game to Barruera.
20-30 ‘in the air (from 12 noon). A walk through the valley to observe and get to know the characteristic peaks, rivers and villages that make up this place in the Pyrenees

The weather conditions determine the possibilities of each flight and the activity must be confirmed 100% a few hours before carrying it out.



Rogaine Vall de Boí

Rogaine is a modality of orientation, long distance, cross-country navigation where teams of 2 to 5 people move on foot with the objective of achieving the maximum score.

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Garmin Epic Trail Youth

In Els Prats de la Ribera de Barruera, the little ones will find a series of fun activities for them to enjoy!

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Yoga is a practice that connects the body, breath and mind. This practice uses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health.

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Orienteering workshop

Ideal activity to do with the family. Discover the Vall de Boí on a small scale thanks to the Vall de Boí Orientation maps.

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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is one of the most beneficial physical and sports activities for health.

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Workshop on prevention and safety in activities in the natural environment

Activity designed to make runners aware of the minimal and minimalist equipment that they should carry in their training and races.

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Adventure activities

We suggest you enjoy nature by doing some of the adventure activities that can be done in the surroundings of the Boí Valley.

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Two-seat paragliding

Discover the Vall de Boí from the air by taking a two-seater paragliding flight.

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E-Bike Day Vall de Boí

A proposal for a non-competitive activity on an electric mountain bike, which values ​​the heritage, nature and gastronomy of the territory in question.

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Learn to use your GARMIN

Safety and tracking, from your race a safer experience, Garmin helps and guides you.

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E-bike rental

Electric bikes offer people the chance to discover territories without a demanding level of fitness becoming a barrier to climbing and enjoying high mountain environments.

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